Be a better you, with transformative beverages that are flavorful, healthy, transparent, and sustainable. Wherever life takes you.

An ah-ha moment

Our founder discovered a life-changing problem while seeking tranquility in the lush Olympic Mountains. During his hike to a breath-taking waterfall, he noticed plastic water bottles and aluminum cans littering the area. It hit him hard how the beverage industry he worked in was damaging the environment and was determined to make the industry better.

After extensive research, he realized the beverage industry was not only unsustainable, but typically used low-quality or unhealthy ingredients while making questionable health claims. He was determined to create an earth-friendly, healthy, and flavor-bursting product that people could trust and enjoy. After some soul-searching, he left the beverage industry, found like-minded partners, and spent thousands of hours developing beverages of the future. Alas, Bobelo was born.

Bobelo began in our basement

With no funding, or technical experience, we rolled up our sleeves and got straight to work in our basement to take on the goliath beverage industry. Using good old fashioned drive and grit, we found experts in nutrition, chemistry, and design to deliver a sustainable, great-tasting, and healthy drink we all deserve.

Transparent and real just like our products!

Interested in what you’re drinking? Of course you are! We’ll tell you everything about us and what goes into every Bobelo product. For starters, we only use healthy, clean ingredients with a lot less plastic!

Plastic→ no, recycle is a go!

You’ll get a specialized reusable water bottle when you drink with Bobelo. Plus we’re working on making our stick packs biodegradable. Our efforts don’t stop there. Our goal is to become a zero waste company for even better sustainability.

B-Corp Pending

This certification gives you the confidence that we’re dedicated to you and our earth. Certified B Corporations balance purpose and profit. We have a legal obligation to make sound decisions to positively impact our workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment.