• What exactly is Bobelo? A soda? Sparkling water?
    Yes and no. You could say that Bobelo is a soda + sparkling water + sports drink + reusable water bottle without any artificial ingredients or made from plastic, or you could just say it’s a dang good drink. We only use healthy and functional ingredients and real fruit flavor extracts to bring you a beverage experience you’ll never forget (really, really).
  • Do I have to use Bobelo’s water bottle? Can’t I use another one?
    No, you can use other reusable bottles by pouring 12-14 ounces of ice-cold water and securely sealing the lid and shaking vigorously for 2-3 seconds. Then slowly open and enjoy! For an optimal bubbly experience, we suggest using the Bobelo water bottle. Our bottle was specifically designed and patented to regulate the pressure made from one Bobelo drink mix and to reduce single use beverage containers.
  • Why can’t I use a single-use plastic water bottle?
    Bobelo’s mission is to be a zero-waste company. We’re helping you change the world by creating a beverage that doesn’t need a plastic or aluminum bottle in order to enjoy it. Additionally, adding Bobelo to a plastic water bottle will cause the bottle to expand and even potentially pop the lid off or break, wasting the amazing flavors and bubbles you worked so hard to create.
  • Why is the water bottle only 12 oz? Will you make a larger size or bottle?
    12 oz of a Bobelo drink is equal to 24 oz of water. Since our drink mix is packed with electrolytes, you actually need less water to become fully hydrated. This is just our first bottle. Don’t worry, we will continue to develop different sizes and methods of consumption.
  • Can I return a box of flavors I purchased if I don’t like it?
    We get it! Flavor is personal and sometimes, it just doesn’t tickle your taste buds. Bobelo offers a 45-day Flavor Guarantee. While we do not accept returns due to the fact that our product is consumable, we are happy to offer store credit and guidance in picking out another amazing flavor to try. If you have additional unused stick packs, we encourage you to give the gift of refreshing bubbles to someone else. Please read our return policy for more information.
  • Why are you using stevia?
    First, we are committed to never using any artificial ingredients in our drink mixes. Second, there are a significant amount of studies supporting the use of stevia as a natural sweetener in foods & beverages. While we understand individual’s have preferences, we find it safe to use for diabetics, keto, paleo or any others avoiding the consumption of sugar. We are also exploring other natural sweeteners such as monkfruit, allulose and more.
  • What are the natural flavors made out of?
    Our flavors come from either the fruits themselves or the natural extracts of the fruits and botanicals. Our flavors are proprietary, so we don’t list out each individual one to deter other companies from stealing our blends (yeah, the flavors are THAT good). They don’t contain any common allergens or sugars.
  • Why is there 0g of sugar if you’re using natural fruit extracts?
    We use only highly concentrated fruit extracts that preserve some of the flavor, but all of the nutritional benefits without the added sugar. There may be trace amounts of sugar, but so miniscule they don't register on a glycemic index or affect the nutrition panels.
  • Why don’t you use any sugar?
    We recognize there are studies that suggest sugar may help speed up the hydration process. However, we have decided to never include any sugars in our drinks to provide a healthy and carbonated option for individuals with diabetes, or on a sugarless diet such as keto, paleo or related.
  • How do you create carbonation from powder?
    It’s Pa-ten-ted. But seriously, we can’t tell you :)
  • Will you have additional flavors? What about caffeine?
    YES! We have more flavors currently being worked on, including some familiar soda flavors (without the sugar or artificial garbage of course). Caffeine will also be one of the next lines we will release.
  • My cap is too tight or hard to remove. Will it loosen up?
    Before making your first drink, twist the cap on and off several times to loosen. This will make it easier to remove and replace when consuming.