• What exactly is Bobelo? A soda? Sparkling water?
    Yes and no. You could say that Bobelo is a soda + sparkling water + sports drink + reusable water bottle without any artificial ingredients or made from plastic, or you could just say it’s a dang good drink. We only use healthy and functional ingredients and real fruit flavor extracts to bring you a beverage experience you’ll never forget (really, really).
  • Do I have to use Bobelo’s water bottle?
    No, you can use other reusable bottles by pouring 12-16oz of ice-cold water and securely sealing the lid and shaking vigorously for 2-3 seconds. Then slowly open and enjoy!
  • Why can’t I use a single-use plastic water bottle?
    Bobelo’s mission is to be a low-waste company, plus adding Bobelo to a plastic water bottle will cause the bottle to expand and even potentially pop the lid off or break, wasting the amazing flavors and bubbles you created.
  • Why is the water bottle only 12 oz? Will you make a larger size or bottle?
    One 12oz Bobelo has enough electrolytes to give you significantly more hydration than water alone, which is why we optimized our bottle for maximum flavor and bubbles. We may make larger bottles in the future, but you can always use your favorite branded bottle.
  • Can I return a box of flavors I purchased if I don’t like it?
    We offer an unconditional guarantee. If you replace your other less healthy beverages and don’t love the way you feel with Bobelo, we will refund you. We don’t take returns for safety reasons but ask that you share any unused packets with friends, neighbors, or family.
  • Why are you using stevia?
    First, we only use natural ingredients in Bobelo. Second, there are many studies supporting the use of stevia as a natural sweetener in place of sugar and how it is good for multiple lifestyle choices and conditions (i.e. keto, paleo, diabetics)
  • What are the natural flavors made out of?
    Our flavors come from either the fruits themselves or the natural extracts of the fruits and botanicals. They don’t contain any common allergens or sugars.
  • Why is there 0g of sugar if you’re using natural fruit extracts?
    We use only highly concentrated fruit extracts that preserve flavor and all the nutritional benefits without the sugar. There may be trace amounts of sugar, but so miniscule they don't register on a glycemic index or affect the nutrition panels.
  • Why don’t you use any sugar?
    While minimal amounts of sugar daily are fine, we have none because we want our drink to be healthy for all, including diabetics and there are already way too many sugars in the majority of what we eat and drink. Research is also showing that we don’t need sugar for hydration unless you are doing extreme endurance workouts (i.e. running 100 miles).
  • How do you create carbonation from powder?
    It’s Pa-ten-ted. But seriously, we can’t tell you :)
  • Will you have additional flavors? What about caffeine?
    YES! We are always creating new flavors and product lines. We hope to have 3-4 new flavors a year at least.
  • My cap is too tight or hard to remove. Will it loosen up?
    Before making your first drink, twist the cap on and off several times to loosen. This will make it easier to remove and replace when consuming.