Immune Support Variety Pack

The Bobelo immune support variety pack is a convenient and portable option for your daily dose of Elderberry and Vitamins C & D.

When your body is stressed with preventing or fighting an illness, give it that healthy immune boosting carbonation it craves.

Maintaining your health never tasted so good.

No sugar. No artificial ingredients. No guilt!

What's Included: 15 Orchard Breeze & 15 Mountain Berries stick packs.

Remember to recycle with our recycling envelope

₴1 119,91




how to make
your bobelo

Remove the cap and lid from your Bobelo bottle. Pour ice and water in your Bobelo bottle up to the fill line. Replace the lid.
Choose your self-carbonating flavor packet and rip open anywhere.
Pour your flavor packet through the spout and quickly secure the cap.
Give it a good shake and take two minutes to breathe. Open the cap slowly and enjoy!